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Jun_Will be participated in ARAB HEALTH Dubai on 21st Jun - 24th Jun

Sep_Will be participated in AMWC Monaco on 16th Sept - 18th Sept


Jan_Participated in ARAB HEALTH Dubai on 27th Jan - 30th Jan



Nov_Participated in COSMOPROF ASIA HONG KONG 2019 on 13th - 15th Nov

Oct_Participated in EADV 2019 on 10th - 12th Oct

Apr_Participated in AMWC Monaco on 4th Apr - 6th Apr 

Mar_Participated in KIMES Seoul on 14th Mar - 17th Mar 

Jan_Participated in ARAB HEALTH Dubai on 28th Jan - 31st Jan

Nov_Participated in COSMOPROF ASIA HONG KONG 2018 on 14th - 16th Nov
Oct_Participated in K-Beauty Expo 2018 on 11th - 14th Oct
Sep_Participated in EADV 2018 on 13th - 15th Sept
Sep_Participated in CIBE 2018 on 2nd - 4th Sept
Apr_Participated in AMWC 2018 on 5th - 7th Apr
Mar_Participated in KIMES SEOUL on 15th Mar - 18th Mar
Feb_Held Workshop at Bali in Indonesia on 9th -11th Feb
Jan_Participated in ARAB HEALTH Dubai on 29th Jan - 1st Feb
Released Diode Laser (La Belle 808)
Released PICO Laser (PICO-ONE)
Released Q/Switched and Long Pulse Nd:Yag (MUTO)
Nov_Participated in COSMOPROF ASIA Hong Kong on 15th - 17th Nov
Sep_Participated in EADV Geneva 2017 on 14th - 16th Sept
Jun_Held Workshop at Ha Noi in Vietnam on 4th - 6th Jun
Apr_Participated in AMWC Monaco on 6th - 8th Apr
Mar_Participated in DUBAI DERMA on 27th - 29th Mar
Mar_Participated in KIMES Seoul on 16th - 19th Mar
Mar_Participated in AAD Orlando on 3rd - 5th Mar
Jan_Participated in ARAB HEALTH Dubai on 30th Jan - 2nd Feb
Released Long Pulsed Alexandrite & Nd:Yag (PRIME)
Nov_Participated in COSMOPROF in Hong Kong on 16th - 18th Nov
Sep_Participated in EADV VIENNA in Austria on 28th Sep - 2nd Oct
Sep_Participated in DIET & BEAUTY FAIR JAPAN 12th - 14th Sep
Aug_Participated in BEAUTY PROFESSIONAL INDONESIA on 6th - 8th Aug
Apr_Participated in ASEANBEAUTY THAILAND on 28th  - 30th Apr
Apr_Participated in DUBAI DERMA on 12th - 14th Apr
Mar_Participated in AMWC MONACO on 31st Mar - 2nd Apr 
Mar_Participated in KIMES SEOUL on 17th - 20th Mar
Jan_Participated in ARAB HEALTH Dubai on 25th to 28th Jan
Released Newly Up-graded HIFU(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) - For Body
Released Newly Up-graded Water Light
Released HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) - For Body
Released Hydrogen Injector  
Nov_Participatied in COSMOPROF Hong Kong on 11th -13th Nov
Oct_Participatied in EADV-COPENHAGEN in Denmark on 7th - 11th Oct
Jun_Participatied in WCD VANCOUVER in Canada 8th - 13th June
May_Participated in Malaysia Anti Aging Exhibition(SAAARMM)
Apr_Participated in DUBAI DERMA SHOW
Mar_Participated in AMWC in Monaco 
Mar_Participated in KIMES in Seoul
Jan_Participated in Arab Health in Dubai on 26th - 29th Jan
Jan_Held Workshop at Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam with Doctors from Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia on 8th -13th Jan
Released Newly Up-graded HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) - For Face
Released HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) - For Face

Nov_Participated in Cosmoprof Hong Kong
Oct_Participated in EADV in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Aug_Participated in Sydney International Beauty Expo
Apr_Participated Aesthetics Show in Singapore
Apr_Participated Dubai Derma
Mar_Participated Canton Beauty Expo in Guangzhou, China
Mar_Participated AAD in Denver, USA
Mar_Participated KIMES in Seoul, Korea
Nov_Participated in Cosmoprof in Hong Kong
Oct_Participated in EADV in Istanbul, Turkey
Mar_Participated in KIMES in Seoul, Korea
Released Newly Up-graded CO2 Function
Released Newly Q-Switched Nd:YAG 
Released Newly Up-graded Q/Switched Ndyag laser (Magnum)
Newly Up-graded CO2 Fractional laser (SCO2)
Newly Up-graded Diode laser (H7)
Newly Up-graded IPL (Smartone)
Established as company name DANA
Established as company name - Daeshin Enterprise